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United States government provides opportunities for Investors and entrepreneurs seeking to permanently reside in the United States, to come in through the Investors immigration category. The process of investment immigration is complex, requires time commitment and the willingness to put huge sums of the investor’s funds at stake. For s successful outcome, the investor need experienced attorneys versed in immigration law to help them throughout the process.

Azinge & Associates, P,C. Law Firm have proven experience helping and guiding investors through their investor visa process and will work with you as you to  determine which is the right investment visa for you:

E-2: Visa or and adjustment of status

When the investor has negotiated all the details and is in the position to sign a contract, an immigration lawyer is now essential. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Department of State (DOS) both have regulations that govern the required terms for your contract to be successful in the investor status category or visa process of investing. There are two ways to file it. Firstly, an investor can file for an investors visa with the US consulate in his home country. On the other hand, if the investor is in the United States on the visa, they can apply for an adjustment of status to become card holders as a result of their investment.

Stages of the Process for Investor Visa

Filing for an adjustment of status is often a good idea if the investment immigration is close to the USCIS or DOS minimums for investments. In principle, the standard for evaluating investors status is the same. In practice, it frequently appears that the USCIS is more willing to give investors a chance than the DOS. It is frequently a deliberately better choice to obtain an investor status, and build up the business for a half year to a year. With the business working well, we can then re-apply the submission to the USCIS or the DOS with the updated financials. In this way, the investor can have the benefit of the investor visa and the ability to travel.

E-2 Investor Status: Lawful Permanent Residence

Accomplished this way, an e2 investor status can be practically equal to being a lawful permanent resident. As long as the investor owns the business and operates it profitably, and has US employees, the USCIS or DOS will renew the investor status or investor visa program. The investor’s spouse may also receive work authorization from the USCIS, and their children may attend schools in the United States as well.

.EB-5 Investors

The U.S. welcomes alien investors who have the skills and financial resources to open a new business, purchase an existing business, or pool assets with other immigrant investors to make a qualifying business investment.

EB-5 Qualifications
There are two primary qualifications for the EB-5 visa program: 1) a capital investment of $900,000 to $1.8 million; and 2) these investments must result in the creation or preservation of at least ten (10) full-time jobs for U.S. Citizen or Permanent Residednt workers.

Regional Center Approach

It is possible to obtain an EB-5 through direct investment, such as purchasing or creating a business. However, the vast majority of investors choose to make investments through regional centers. USCIS approves regional centers to develop projects that meet EB-5 job creation requirements in areas of high unemployment. A regional center can package the eb5 program investor’s capital with other EB-5 investors to finance larger projects, such as commercial real estate development of a hotel or office building.

Regional Centers make it easier for investor applicants to participate in the EB-5 visa program, and many investors prefer to invest in a Regional Center for this reason.

An EB-5 Regional Center is a specially-approved targeted economic development or organization devoted to new job creation within its surrounding geographic area. The types of business investments available generally reflect the local economy surrounding the Regional Center. Approved investment activities range from manufacturing to health care, vineyards, military base reconstruction, automotive services, hotel construction, restaurant management, office development, and shopping centers.

There are several advantages of applying through a Regional Center are as follows:


  • Lower investment levels. Capital from multiple EB-5 investors can be pooled to create larger investment opportunities. You may be able to qualify with an investment of $900,000 rather than direct investment of $1.8 million.


  • Flexible job creation measures. Investors are credited for both direct and indirect job creation. For example, jobs created by independent suppliers or other vendors to the EB-5 business count toward the job creation requirement.


  • Less day-to-day business involvement. Regional Center investors can take a more strategic role in business management. For example, a limited partner in a limited partnership can qualify for EB-5 participation in an EB-5 enterprise approved by a Regional Center.


EB-5 Regional Center Investment Centers:

Our firm helps investor who is interested in qualifying through regional center investments throughout the entire process. We can provide you with a concise shortlist of regional centers that have successful immigration track records. The investor can then use their sophisticated financial skills to analyze the proposed investments available through identified regional center. Once the investor has chosen their investment, we guide them through the eb-5 visa program application process. After its approval, we can then help you with consular processing or adjustment of status.

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