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Azinge & Associates, P.C. Law Firm, we assist clients in the application process of all immigrant visas, including:

Family-Based Immigration: Not all family relationships serve as a basis to apply for lawful permanent residence. Under the Immigration and Naturalization Act, relatives in two main categories–immediate relatives and preference immigrants–are treated very differently.

Immediate relatives of United States citizens include:

Minor children (unmarried under age 21); and parents (if the United States citizen is at least 21 years old)

Recently widowed spouses/children or battered immigrant spouses and children.

Preference immigrants can be:

  • Unmarried sons and daughters of U.S. citizens (over 21)
  • Spouses and unmarried minor children of lawful permanent residents or unmarried sons and daughters of permanent residents (over 21)
  • Married sons and daughters of United States citizens; includes their spouse and unmarried minor children

Brothers and sisters of United States citizens, if such citizens are at least 21 years old; includes the sibling’s spouse and/or unmarried children under 21.

Employment-Based Immigration: The process for obtaining permanent residency through a green card based on qualifying employment relationships or investments comprises three phases: the labor certification; the immigrant visa petition; and the application for permanent residence or an immigrant visa.

Marriage-Based Immigration: There are no requirements for a fiancée visa. Essentially, you just need to marry a United States citizen. We will assist you with the filing of all necessary paperwork in the US or overseas.

Choosing a seasoned immigration attorney provides you with increased professional work experience and a reduced possibility for error… Errors can cause material delays in your immigration matter, in some cases as much as five years. While there is an opportunity to reapply, time is of the essence for many of our clients.

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