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Azinge & Associates, P.C. Law Firm, located in Houston, Texas, represent clients in deportation and removal court proceedings, asylum, and other immigration and green card litigation. We also serve the entire Houston, as well as representing clients nationwide and from many foreign countries, including Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Many illegal aliens contact us after being picked up by immigration and put in jail. The challenge of getting a bond can be hard to overcome. We will assist you with the bond issues. Our attorneys help clients with all issues involving deportation and removal. Our attorney will seek Cancellation of Removal for permanent residents. That allows the Attorney General, through an immigration judge or Board of Immigration Appeals, to cancel the removal of a lawful permanent resident from the U.S.

You have the opportunity to avoid deportation if you have lived continuously here for seven years, have not been convicted of an aggravated felony, and are not inadmissible into the U.S. based on security reasons. Ineligibility comes when you have persecuted others, received prior cancellation, or have committed a crime prior to the seven years accrued time.

At Azinge & Associates, P.C. Law Firm, we want to present you in the best way possible to an immigration judge or the Board of Immigration Appeals during your removal proceedings. Those decision makers look positively on US family ties, longtime US residency, hardship to US Citizen immediate family member(s), service in the Armed Forces, employment history, ownership of property or business interest, community service, good moral character, and rehabilitation if you have a criminal record.

Removal proceedings, whether based on inadmissibility or deportability, affect the ability of a person to remain in the United States. If the person is found to be removable, he or she, if eligible, may request one or more types of discretionary relief.

If you are in need of an affordable immigration attorney with experience in all aspects of US immigration law, call Azinge & Associates, P.C. Law Firm at (713) 771-2322. We can help you with any and all immigration needs you may have, from filing necessary paperwork, getting a visa to appearing in court. Call us today to get started on your case!

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